How do I join LB Dance? 

Contact Lauren through the website, text, email or phone call. Lauren will talk through the options for yourself or your child and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to enrol for a class/classes at  LB Dance you will fill in the online enrolment form. 

Will my child be expected to do competitions and exams? 

At LB Dance we like to offer children a range of opportunities including exams with the ISTD and IDTA. However there is no pressure to take part and this will not affect the participation or progress in week to week classes. 

How much are classes? 


Is there free parking on site? 

Will my child be expected to wear a uniform? 

Does the teacher have the correct qualifications? 

What are the dance schools refund policies?

Classes are paid upfront for the term unless you are joining part way through the year/term. Each term is the same cost and the terms range from 11 - 14 weeks. 45 minute classes are £5 per class across the year (£65 per term) and 30 minute classes are £4 per class (£52 per term). 

Yes, there is free parking at all of our venues. 

During the first 2 months of classes your child will not be expected to wear uniform. After this, the purchase of correct footwear (if required in the dance style) and a dance school t shirt would be appreciated but is not mandatory. 

The owner/principal of LD Dance holds the following qualifications - Trinity college London Diploma in Professional Dance, IDTA associate, ISTD DDI, First aid certificate, public liability/employers liability and DBS. 

  • Enrolment for a class is complete once we have received the online enrolment form and payment has been made.
  • Invoices are sent for the full term and fee's are non refundable. 
  • Students must give 1 months notice if they wish to stop a class.
  • If a class is missed the student has the option to attend an extra class of their choice.